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In today's global, information-laden, economy the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly in English is of increasing importance. As the volume of information and the "noise to signal ratio" increases, attention spans become shorter. Poor quality English can easily alienate readers, be they journal editors, referees, potential funders, policy makers or the general public.
Most writers, even native English speakers, need another pair of eyes to look over their work once it is finished, even if only to pick up grammatical and spelling mistakes made in the final rush to get a manuscript finished. Others, for whom English is not their native language, face more challenges. Ambiguities may need clarifying, arcane language or dissonant idioms removing, or the tone modifying so that the article is appropriate for the intended readership.
TextualHealing.nl offers a professional English language editing service that will help you get your message across with clarity and economy. The company's client base is mostly in the academic, consultancy and NGO communities. The owner is a native English (British) speaker with an interdisciplinary background in Human Ecology and a PhD in Environmental Assessment. He has a strong commitment to issues relating to human development, sustainability and equity, and this is reflected in the client base, editing commissions and other research and consultancy projects undertaken. He has ten years experience as a researcher and is widely published in his own right. He also has experience in writing publicity, press and campaign materials for green organisations, has written extensively about organic farming and rural development, has published a walking guide to West Yorkshire and has worked as a film and arts reviewer.
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